We work with leaders and senior leadership teams to create sustainable transformation

Organizational change is complex, and there are many issues underlying what helps or hinders success. While a lot of attention is focused on what to manage such as goals, strategies or project plans, what is often ignored or downplayed is how to lead people through transition.

Utilizing the latest thinking in the fields of leadership, Positive Psychology and the behavioral sciences, we adopt a systemic approach that helps leaders understand and use the human processes, group, organization and system dynamics involved in change and transition.

We work with leaders during restructures, mergers, acquisitions and other change initiatives - from the initial planning and cultural due diligence stage through to alignment and integration. We also offer customized programs and coaching to help leaders plan for and manage change.

Culture Change that Sticks Making M&As Work
Cultures that Create Competitive Advantage Organizational Change Management
Cultures that Create Competitive Advantage Organizational Design & Restructure
Developing Vision & Purpose Organizational Due Diligence, Integration & Alignment
Driving Peak Performance Organizational Justice & Procedural Fairness
Enhancing Engagement & Motivation During Change & Transition Overcoming Culture Clash
Fostering the “OneFirm” Mindset Overcoming the Challenges of Change
Interpersonal & Group Dynamics Surviving & Thriving – Maximizing the Upsides and Minimizing the Downsides of Restructures, Reorganizations & Transformations
Leadership in Times of Complexity & Change Transformative Cooperation