Dedicated to promoting leading edge thinking, the highest professional standards, and advancing excellence in human capital development, we are committed to providing exceptional service and practical commercial solutions

Our consultants and coaches have extensive global professional experience. We are former senior business leaders, executives, corporate advisors and lawyers who understand the world in which business leaders operate. Results driven and solution focused, we are used to working under pressure, to tight deadlines, with multiple commitments and competing demands.
Drawing on the best available evidence from research, theory and practice, we deliver practical Evidence Based solutions that have a positive impact and are a source of strategic advantage. Through our active involvement in research, curriculum design and teaching in the fields of leadership, coaching, psychology and the behavioral sciences, we bring the latest next edge thinking to our clients.
Organizations operate in times of unprecedented uncertainty, complexity and change. To meet those challenges, they are seeking out new and efficient ways of effecting change at the individual, team and organizational level. Drawing on ground-breaking research on the “Coaching Ripple Effect”, Systems Theory, Complexity Science and Network Analysis, our programs are specifically designed to go beyond individual change and to have a broader and systemic impact.
We stake a systemic perspective on all our developmental engagements – one that goes beyond behavioral coaching and recognizes that individual and collective behavior emerges from a continuous interplay of numerous interacting forces. Taking a multidimensional view allows us to support and reinforce sustained change and foster high performance at the individual, team and organizational level.
Traditional approaches to development underestimate the importance of situational factors and the complexity of context. With first hand practical experience and a deep understanding of the dynamics of your business, your industry, and your environment, we design customized programs that work with and the leverage your unique characteristics, while supporting your critical stakeholder needs, both now and in the future.
Passionate about raising standards in leadership, coaching and organizational development, we set a very high bar for the selection, assessment and professional development of our coaches and consultants. Each of our coaches is also provided with coaching supervision from the qualified and experienced coaching supervisors within our network.