We help develop the interpersonal skills, cultures and environments that foster sustained high performance

Competitive, high-pressure cultures, heroic leadership, and “siloed” thinking are no longer sufficient to drive organizational success. Our ability to work with and through others, our capacity to take and intergrade multiple perspectives, and to adapt and remain agile as new challenges emerge, have become even more critical as technology and disruptive forces increase the pace of change. This requires new ways of communicating, interacting and working together.

Integrating leadership, team based research and Network Analysis, with Performance, Sports and Positive Psychology, we consult on the development of positive workplace practices, learning cultures that allow human and organizational flourishing.

An Appreciative Inquiry Approach to Strategic Planning Leadership Agility – Knowing What to Do When you Don’t know What to Do
Becoming a Values Driven Organization Leadership & Achieving Your Ideal Performance State
Building Collaborative Capabilities Across Silos & Group Boundaries Leadership in High Stress Workplaces
Creating Balance – Managing Stress Leadership in a Time of Complexity & Change
Cultures that Create Competitive Advantage Learning Cultures
Designing Positive Workplaces, Practices and Culture Leveraging Social Network Analysis
Developing a Global Mindset Positive Organization Leadership
Dialogue –Thinking Together Positive Workplace Practices 
Driving Peak Performance Psychological Capital & Performance Enhancement
Driving Results Through Networks Resilience & “Bouncing Back”
Employee Engagement, Motivation & Self Determination Resonant Leadership – Working with Emotional Intelligence
Energize Your Workplace SOAR & Strategic Planning
Enhancing Mental Toughness “Storming” – Ideation for Strategy, Client Development & Business Planning
Fostering the “OneFirm” Mindset Systems Thinking – “Connecting the Dots”
Future Proofing Your Organization for Long Term Sustainability The Art of Persuasion, Enhancing Influencing skills
Harnessing the Power of Uncertainty The Attention Revolution – Unlocking Potential
High Performing Teams The Growth Mindset –the Psychology of Success
High Quality Connections The Mindful Leader – Becoming “Object”
Igniting Creativity & Innovation The Pursuit of Perfect
Immunity to Change – Overcoming & Unlocking Potential The Quality of Conversations…
Interpersonal & Group Dynamics Transformative Co-operation
Leader as Coach Understanding & Using Strengths